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20.4% THC10% CBD

Known for its potency, Gorilla Glue #9 has every bit of potency as it’s predecessor, but in order to obtain an even higher level of potency and flavor this strain was born from a variation of other strains as well. Gorilla Glue #9 was also crossed between Sour Dubb, Chem Sis and Chocolate Diesel. The result is a thick, sticky flower that both smells slightly of chocolate and lemons, but follows up with a powerful peppery and pungent scent as well. This is one of those strains that often come paired with a warning label of sorts: It’s not for beginners. Advanced consumers will love the potency that Gorilla Glue #9 offers though. The effects set in immediately, rolling quickly through the body to produce an effect that reviewers claimed “borders on the psychedelic.” No doubt that this strain can provide a soothing but strong feeling of couchlock, so avoid making any major plans when consuming indica-dominant beast. Gorilla Glue #9 is also the perfect medicine to treat conditions such as anxiety or trying to ease the uncomfortable feeling of a hangover.