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F-Magnum P.I.

12.7% THC0% CBD

Magnum PI marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant marijuana. Some stories claim that Magnum PI originates from Seahorse Gardens. The kush is well known for its subtle sweet earth aroma with hints of citrus. Magnum PI nugs can be smoked by anyone thanks to 11-12% THC levels. Magnum PI buds have lumpy olive green, grape-shaped nugs with bright red hairs and a crazy thick coating of tiny white crystal trichomes. The herb is good for morning and daytime use. Magnum PI marijuana strain induces heavy-hitting euphoria. Energizes the mind, improves mood, boosts creativity, improves focus. Alleviates stress and depression. Followed by mild relaxation. Relieves pain and muscle tension.Magnum PI cannabis strain is a rare 100% pure sativa strain