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Nightmare Cookies Shatter - 78.15% THC (GET 4g FOR $120)

78.15% THC0% CBD

Nightmare Cookies marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. The breeders and exact Sativa/Indica ratio of this herb remains unknown. Nightmare Cookies cannabis plants grow beautiful buds with purple hints and a forest of orange hairs. The nugs entice the senses with sweet aroma of earth and pine. This kush can be enjoyed by most due to moderate THC levels. Beginners should be mindful of the dose to avoid extreme psychoactivity. Nightmare Cookies marijuana is good for day time use. Nightmare Cookies marijuana induces strong cerebral euphoria. Boosts creativity, energizes the mind, improves focus. Uplifts mood, relieves stress and depression. Followed by body-mind relaxation and sedation. Alleviates muscle tension and nausea. Nightmare Cookies cannabis strain is a cross of White Nightmare and Girl Scout Cookies. Breeder: Sin City Seeds.